Sportswear & Equipment:

Everything used during sports; including; balls, goggles, shoes, bats, and ETC.
Sportswear & Equipment are everything used during sports; including; balls, goggles, shoes, bats, and ETC. Sportswear & Equipment are designed to make you comfortable while practicing your sport and enable you to do your best. Examples include;

  • Protective Wear: Examples include; Head Gear, Eye And Face Shields and Mouth Guards.
  • Footwear: Examples include; shoes, Sneakers, Socks, Shin Guards, and ETC.
  • Headwear: Examples include; Caps, Swimming Caps, Biking Caps, Swimming Goggles, Hats, and ETC.
  • Sportswear: Examples include; Football Shirts & Shorts, Swimming Suits, Biking Suits, Baseball Suits, Basketball shirts & Shorts and ETC.
  • Sports Equipment: Examples include; Rackets, Paddles, Tables, Gym Equipment, Balls, Boards, Tubes, Skis, Spikes, Pads, Flying Discs, Goals & Nets, Rods & Tackles, Sticks, Bats, Wickets, and Bases.
  • We provide sportswear & Equipment from Europe where the top-ranking sportswear & Equipment corporations settle, we ensure you high-quality products that fit all the sports you practice and make you comfortable during play your sports.

Contact us for further inquiries concerning products that are within our lists or NOT. WE TRADE THE WORLD!

TTW – Import & Export


The Trade Way company Based in Europe, Egypt.
TTW  is an international trading company, specialized in the import and export business from/to Europe, Gulf & Middle-East countries.
TTW also is known as a general
trading agent.

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