Heavy Equipment:

  • Heavy equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, particularly manufactured for executing construction tasks and digging operations. Heavy equipment is increasingly required nowadays and there is an excessive demand for them, and we provide them such as;






  • We provide you the requested heavy equipment from Europe and the US to fulfill your requirements and deliver you the highest possible service and material.


Agricultural Equipment:

Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery concerning farms and planting affairs. Agricultural equipment and machinery showed a great improvement in the last decades, which accelerated the work and improved production. Examples include;

-Water Lifting Tools (Pumps, Water Lifts, Wheels, Rotary Direct lift Devices and ETC).



-Hay & Forage Equipment (Mower Conditioners, Disc Mowers, Windrowers and Sickle Bar Mowers)

-Planting Equipment (Drawn Planters, Integral Planters, DB & DR Planters).

-Harvesting Equipment.

-Seeding Equipment (Air Drill Lineup, Tank Air Drill, Box Drill Lineup and Seeders).

-Tillage Equipment (Field Cultivators & Mulch Finishers, Disks, Rippers, Plows, Moldboards and Mulch Tillers).


-Cutters & shredders (Rotary Cutters, Grooming Mowers, Flail Mowers & Shredders and ETC).

  • We care about you so that we bring you the best quality of agricultural equipment from the pioneering countries in this industry such as; Europe, US, and the Middle East.

Contact us for further inquiries concerning products that are within our lists or NOT. WE TRADE THE WORLD!

TTW – Import & Export


The Trade Way company Based in Europe, Egypt.
TTW  is an international trading company, specialized in the import and export business from/to Europe, Gulf & Middle-East countries.
TTW also is known as a general
trading agent.

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